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AMV OXiTECH is an innovative plasma electrolytic anodizing treatment which permits obtaining extraordinary characteristics of protection from corrosion and wear of Magnesium.

Main properties of the treatment are:

Unlike traditional treatments, the process uses high currents which create a plasma on the piece surface.
The micro-melting is thus obtained of the oxide layer which mineralises and compacts, thereby increasing hardness and wear resistance.

The compact layer of ceramic oxides protects the magnesium from corrosion, providing increased protection compared to traditional treatments.

New AMV magnesium wheels are the result of years of research and development in magnesium casting. These wheels are casted with the new AMV low pressure machine, using 100% pure AZ91 magnesium. 

This allows us to assure no air leaks, even without any powder coating on the wheel surface. This improves the heat transfer, which is direct and without any obstacles. All this helps to stabilize the tire temperature and pressure rise, for a better and longer tire performance during all race.



The new and captivating design of Tiger wheels has longer spokes and an inner offset, in order to give more rigidity to the wheel. This helps to optimize the performance of medium-soft tires. It is the right choice to free the chassis up when there is a lot of grip on the track, maintaining optimal traction out of the corners.



• AMV low pressure casting

• 100% pure AZ91 magnesium

• Heat treated

• Completely cnc machined

• Low volume design

• Innovative spokes design

• Designed for easier and faster tire mounting

• Exceed CIK FIA rim standardisation

• Light aluminum bead retaining screws included

• High quality tubeless valve included

• 100% proudly made in Italy