Face shield - Closed Brow

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Faceshield, no strap required.

Universal sizing. A variety of colours are available subject to what we have in stock (filament and what is on hand). If your requested colour is unavailable at time of order fulfilment we will substitute for another colour, close to your request or a variety if multiples.

This is a variant of the popular "open brow" shield we were already making. The only difference is the filled in "brow" area (see photos). We have released this variant due to customer feedback.

**The product pictures displaying the "open brow" version are for colour reference only. We will update these with the "closed brow" version as soon as possible.

Please note:

We are not medical industry or sanitisation experts. All care will be taken to supply these items in as sanitary state as we are able to. However, all responsibility to ensure the item is sanitised/disinfected and fit for purpose must be taken by the end user, using known best practices.

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