Panther Chains

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PANTHER high-performance-chains are an innovation in the means of getting your horsepower to your wheels. These chain are a standout performer in terms of life, reduced drag and affordability. The production technologies and especially high dynamic strength are setting new standards.

The light weight Panther chain is the perfect chain for Cadets and KA4. It is strong enough for KA3/ TAG R, however more horsepower can lead to reduced service life.

- Light weight and strong at the same time by using

   high-quality materials.

- Chain joints with seamless bushes and wear-resistant pins.

- No galvanic treatment of the separate items, so there is no 

  danger of embrittlement.


The Classic chain is perfect for all direct drive classes in Australia. It will outlast the competition in classes from Cadets through to TaG, KA2 and KA1.


Made in Germany